Thursday, October 6, 2011

Get your craft on: dry erase board

Wahoo!! I'm so excited about this craft!!!!! I found this amazing big frame at Goodwill a few weeks ago and I was pumped to do something really great with it.

Unfortunately, I'm way to impatient to photograph the whole crafting process so my DIYs are kind of lame. More of a before/after really. Anyway, all you do is spray paint a cool frame, put fun fabric behind the glass and voila. It's a gorgeous dry erase board that makes me inspired to write down goals... Inspired to accomplish them? We shall see.

I'm mostly excited about it because I stepped out of my aqua comfort zone and went with some pretty fall colors that did not disappoint. I love that fabric!


  1. It looks so happy! Nice work!

  2. Very cool idea!!~ Just wanted you to know that I am your newest blog follower!~ Can't wait to read more...I'll definitely be back!~
    ~Lisa @ Organized chaos

  3. So good to have you Lisa :) I just messaged you about cupcake ingredients too!!


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