Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bad News/ Good News

I'm taking a little break from Field Trip Friday this week because we were moving all last weekend... which is pretty much the opposite of a fun field trip. I'll be giving my self an attitude check instead :)

Bad News- My baby has developed a new habit of screaming every time she's in the car seat. So lame.
Good News- She's super chill most of the rest of the time... um and really cute :)

Bad News- I still haven't started on Lily's Halloween costume.
Good News- Even if I'm up all night tomorrow, it's going to be SO GREAT!

Bad News- Moving into the in-laws basement.
Good News- The in -laws are incredibly supportive and amazingly generous... and in 18 months we get to buy our very own home... in our dream neighborhood... also no more dealing with the jerk of a duplex neighbor who lived downstairs.

I was way super sad about leaving Lily's sweet room and my lovely kitchen. BUT I do know that this is a the right place for us right now. It will be so worth it when we get to buy our own little home on Pearl Street :)

To get myself more excited, I'm going to blog about transforming the basement into our cozy little temporary HOME... on a tiny budget (the whole point is to save for a down payment remember?). So I'll be reducing, reusing and gettin' real creative up in here!!


  1. I look forward to how you transform the basement. I'm all about transforming things ;). Your little girl is adorable! Have you ever heard of Go Fish Guys? The two little girls I watched loved them and it usually calmed the younger one down in the car. Just a thought!

  2. Hey you! I didn't know you were moving! J and I have been doing the same... we are in the process of moving into my folk's 2 bedroom mother-in-law duplex attached to the house. Gotta pay down that student debt and save up! I'm excited to start off slow if it means getting our dream house someday sooner! :) Keep us updated!

  3. I've never heard of Go Fish Guys... I'll have to check it out :)
    Blaze, it JUST happened. The guy downstairs was the worst and we decided (like you said) we would rather just save up and have our dream house sooner!!

  4. oh, i would miss those rooms too;) lovely!
    praying for a smooth transition time until you are able to get your own home. love your positive, gratitude attitude! xo

    also, your girl is ADORABLE. xo

  5. Oh, i can't wait to see what you do with the basement!!!


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