Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Halloween was OUT OF THIS WORLD...

Ha! You'll get it in a second... I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! We LOVE Halloween :)

Friday night Hunter and I had a date night: pumpkin carving, cookies, hot chocolate and Hocus Pocus? YES PLEASE!

The babies clearly had a great time too.

Unfortunately, Saturday we didn't make it to our Halloween party :( Baby girl was NOT in the mood and it didn't even start until after bedtime... We're learning to pick our battles! Maybe she was mad at her dad for putting her in a straight jacket... and a witch hat? I know it's mean but I still love this picture.

Now bring on the trick-or-treaters! How cute is the alien costume? Sorry to toot my own horn but I really love how it turned out :) Plus so cheap and easy. Love that.

**Sidenote: Hunter and I were planning on going to our party as Men in Black. Lily was the alien and Milo... well Frank, of course. We were so proud of our clever little plan, but oh well.

She's still the cutest little alien I ever saw. She didn't even fight the ridiculous headband. But she did try to eat the tutu. Ya win some, ya lose some right?

There you have it. Halloween 2011 Greeno style. Get excited for the Christmas Bazaar kick off tomorrow!!


  1. That's is the cutest alien I have ever seen!!!

  2. Ahh, looks like she did so great!

  3. i may be copying your alien costume for June next freakin' cute!

  4. SO CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!! What a clever and ADORABLE costume! Sorry ya missed your party... welcome to the wonderful world of parenting! lol

  5. Audrey you absolutely should! I would just send it to you... But she'll be way too big by then! If she wants to be a valentine's day alien let me know and I'll pass it on :)


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