Friday, October 7, 2011

Field Trip Friday {Dreaming}

So last Friday Hunter & I had big plans to drive up to the mountains after work... again. Traffic was stupid and Lil was a mess so we settled for dinner at our fave Mexican restaurant instead :) Wonderful evening, but alas, I have no pictures. So...... for this week's field trip Friday I'll be dreaming about the field trip I really wish i was taking.

I'm going to the beach. Join me, won't you? This is my all time favorite picture of me and Hunter. It's from our honeymoon in Mexico. When I'm super stressed out and need to get away, this is where I go. The sun is shining, the water sparkles, my husband looks like a model and my legs look GOOD. I'm sorry but they do. Don't worry, that's not how they're looking 3 years and a baby later :) It's cool.

Here we are celebrating anniversary #2 last year in Seattle. PS I've been noticing how all of the bloggers I follow seem to be so fashionable... Enjoy some Greeno fashion at its finest. On Ashley: Navy hoodie with black workout shorts. Cute. And on Hunter: his very favorite Heavyweights t-shirt. I love him so much!

Now rewind almost 5 1/2 years to Long Beach, CA where Hunter and I met. Here we are out to sushi on our first date. A couple a youngsters :) Today I'm extra thankful he's in my life. Yep, I'm more thankful for Hunter than for peanut butter cookies! He's just really wonderful and the past 5 1/2 years have been really amazing.

I keep reading everyone's blog posts and facebook updates about how happy they are for fall... and don't get me wrong, I can find things to enjoy about this season (chocolate chip pumpkin bread, an extra snuggly pug and hazelnut coffee to name a few) but if I could be anywhere today I would be soaking up some sunshine on the beach in southern California.

I can't wait to take Lily to the beach for the first time. It's so awe inspiring, peaceful and calming. Being at the ocean puts everything into perspective for me. I just can't help but remember how BIG and powerful God is, and yet so creative.

So, where are you going today?


  1. i was just wondering how many years it has been since we were in Long Beach...5 1/2 years?! what the what?! every picture of you two is BEAUTIFUL. i hate you for that.

  2. I know it's crazy right!? I think we might be kind of old... Mollie I love that one too! Hunter took it :)

  3. Love it! You guys are so cute!! J and I can't stop going to our rocky, cold, gray beaches here! It is seriously so peaceful.

    I thought of you today in my post... using color to brighten my mood. :)

    Happy Friday!

  4. Youuuuuuu're gorgeous! Pre and post Lilly! :0)

    I have never ever ever been as tan as you are in that top pic! I just don't tan! So sad!!

    I'm not a great dresser, either... Jeans and a tee shirt is pretty much it for me. I love to try to dress up for the link ups but I usually feel like I fail miserably in comparison to others. There is so much style out there!!!

  5. Love the heavyweights shirt! Where happened to all the good movies?! And I love your Long Beach pics; such good times! Tip: don't visit LB in early March, we got cold-rained on for about a week straight!


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