Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Happy Tuesday! Yesterday Hunter got an unexpected (and much needed) day off and we went romping around in the mountains. SO wonderful! Fun pictures coming soon :) Colorado really is such a wonderful place to live and I am feeling refreshed and full of energy today!

I'm also really really excited to share some fun news with you! A few months ago I came across this sweet blog and I fell in love. Carina is so genuine and I just love reading about her 3 precious boys. She also writes about adoption which is always on my heart. I know that now isn't the time for Hunter and I, but I still have such a desire to support adoption in some way.

In the past few weeks I've been putting a lot of time and work into building my Sugar Mama online business, but I've had some stress about it. The more I pray about it the more I feel like God is telling me to be generous. I have such a desire to help our family financially, but I can hear Him telling me to trust Him with our money and give.

So... long story short: I made a new Sugar Mama cupcake kit to support Nick and Carina's adoption! Carina does this awesome thing with her kids twice a month and she calls it Bakin' it to the Streets. Basically they make something delicious and then use it to brighten someone's day. They GIVE it away! So I've added a Bakin' it to the Streets Cupcake Kit to my etsy shop. For $18 you get a gluten free/vegan cupcake mix, a frosting mix, pink cupcake wrappers (new baby is a girl :) and sprinkles. Plus is all comes in a box that will fit 12 finished cupcakes so you can give them away if you're so inclined. Best part is that every sale puts Nick & Carina $8 closer to bringing home their baby girl!

**Even better: if you buy 2 the second one ships FREE so you might as well get one for yourself and one as a gift!

Please consider buying one of these cupcake kits to support Carina and her family as they follow God's will for them to add to their family by adoption.

"Light shines in the darkness for the godly.
They are generous, compassionate, and righteous."
Psalm 112:4


  1. i love all of this! you blog is adorable, your baking looks delicious, and i love how you're helping out carina and nick! they are some of our dearest friends in the whole wide world. :)

  2. ashley, i can't tell you enough how awesome this is. thanks so much!!

  3. You are amazing. Sign me up for one! I can pay you Thursday when we meet up!

  4. I am brand new to your blog but I like you so much, already. :) What a wonderful thing you are doing with your business...I love that you talk to God about it and listen to what He asks of you. Your gesture in helping your friend will come back to you, tenfold!

    Definitely a new follower to your blog...visiting you from Jami's link up. :) Let's be blog friends!

  5. Thanks Rachel! Glad you could stop by :)
    Carina, of course!! Alyssa, yay! Can't wait to see you :)
    Angie, welcome! I'm so glad you're here. I can't wait to visit you!

  6. Awesome Ashley! What a generous and faithful thing to do! :)


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