Friday, October 14, 2011

Field Trip Friday & the devil drives a bus?

First things first. We're driving on Saturday and this huge bus cuts right in front of Hunter. He's pretty ticked and calls the driver an idiot (or something to that effect).

So I'm all:
"Better be careful. The devil drives that bus."

And he's like: "Um... what?"

Yeah, wait for it..........


Creepy huh? I swear we thought it said 666 DIE but now I'm pretty sure that's an O. Still though...

Alright moving on. I've been talking for awhile about getting to the mountains for some fall beauty. Surprise! Hunter got the day off Monday (and I don't care what you say about Columbus, I'll take a free paid day off with my man thankyouverymuch).

Golden Gate National Park was gorgeous and it was so great to just spend a day without an agenda. We even (barely) survived the temptation to eat out on the way home. Gotta love those leftovers :)

Lil & Milo weren't thrilled about our "cute family photo" idea. Whatev.

And now for those of you who were hoping to see way too many pictures of my sweet baby laughing...


You're welcome :)


  1. Gorrrrgeous photos! I love that cupcake sweater on little miss. And OH MY CREEPINESS, that license plate is awful.

  2. I love love love these pictures!! You are so adorable Ash, and I love seeing your family photo! Glad to see Colorado's leaves changing!

    And that bus! So crazy!!


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