Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday Giveaway!

I just LOVE birthdays so much. Some people don't think turning 26 is fun and I mean sure, it's no 16 or 21. But the way I see it, I've been blessed with another whole year. I'll definitely drink to that... and I'll have a cupcake too :)

To celebrate, I'm having my very first giveaway! Just because I always think it's so fun when other blogs have giveaways. Also because my sweet, patient husband can't handle any more crafty aqua picture frames in our house, but I can't seem to stop making them. So without further ado...
Ashley's 26th Birthday Giveaway Extravaganza!
(Too dramatic? Didn't think so.)

It's my newest favorite craft: a rescued picture frame painted aqua (what else) & complete with felt flowers! It even come with a handmade print of my current favorite quote! (If you're not into the quote or the amazing pink houndstooth, just add your favorite 8x10 picture.)

Since I'm new at this we'll keep it simple:

#1 Just follow the blog (you don't have to have a gmail or a blog to be a follower... but you should think about getting a blog if you don't have one. Just sayin.)

#2 Leave me a comment about your FAVE birthday, or birthday present, or birthday party. You get the idea. I'm not strict.

#3 Also if you do have a blog & you share the love (aka my sweet button) you can leave me another comment and be in the drawing TWICE! (See. You need a blog.)

Check back Friday for the winner AND the first Field Trip Friday link party. Oh I'm excited about that!


  1. happy birthday!! what a sweet, fun giveaway!
    i'm following you!

  2. hmmm. always LOVED my roller skating parties as a kid. but i got engaged on my 25th so maybe that one;)

  3. and i'm adding your cute button to my mingle page;)
    thanks for the fun! xo

  4. Happy Birthday!
    New follower... found you through Nay's C2C! :)

  5. I've added your button to my sidebar... find it here:

  6. I happened to really enjoy America's birthday during the summer of 2006. I believe you'll remember that everyone got thrown it the pool (which, thankfully, was clean and not murky that day). Then, we all walked down to the beach to watch a (kinda lame) fireworks show. Good times.

  7. haha! Spencer, your memory has improved the fireworks. They were TOTALLY lame! Hunter and I love watching your standup on your blog btw :)

  8. Happy Birthday! :)
    I follow your blog :)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  9. My fave birthday was my last one, my 25th, my husband took me out all day shopping :)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  10. Love that color and the felt flowers. Of course I'm a follower.

    Favorite party- My surprise 18th birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday! I'm following you through Cover to Cover's blog and your guest post!

    My fav memory was definitely from last year's birthday- I have the best group of friends ever come together for a great dinner, a sex toy party, some cupcakes and drinks. Best party ever :)

  12. My fave b-day mem?!?!? My goodness there are so many to chose from. If I had to choose just one, it would definitely involve my wife. My wife loves to host parties, attend parties, crash parties...basically my wife loves to party! Just this year I was lucky enough to have my own fiesta thrown by my wife!! It was complete piñata and margarita cupcakes. My wife is an awesome party thrower and it is actually her birthday today. I love her very much and she is the best wife and mother to our baby in the whole world wide.

  13. Yay! Happy birthday! :D

    I'm a follower (via Blogger). My favorite birthday was this most recent one, last Thursday, when I turned 30. I was expecting to spend a chill night at home, and instead ended up having soup-to-nuts at a great pizza place (including a BUCKET of margarita). A lot of amazing people very sweetly wished me happy birthday, my coworkers decorated my cubicle with all sorts of fun balloons and stuff AND took me out to lunch, and best of all......30 feels nice. Like, really comfortable and good.

    Here's to hoping your bday is mounds and heaps of awesome!


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