Monday, August 15, 2011

Motivational blogger

Listen, if you woke up this morning ready to seize the day and then locked yourself out with your newborn & had to break into your own home, tried to pick up your photo order at Walgreens only to have the cashier stare blankly back at you and tell you she has "no clue" where your pictures are, and came back home to a massive poopy explosion diaper all before 10 am... you might be ready to crawl back into bed and call it day.

But don't give up! Grab yourself an extra jug cup of iced coffee and keep moving. You may get to Goodwill and find wonderful treasures just begging for some tender lovin' spray paint. Shoot, they might even have 50% off pink stickers and really turn your day around!

I hope these words of wisdom are applicable and encouraging to many of you today. No? Just me? Well, I really needed the pep talk so enjoy the picture of the treasures :) And yes, it's also a sneak peak of the dresser. It's almost done!


  1. Oh fun days. I really like the blue on your dresser! And the liner paper is so cute!

  2. Oh honey, no wonder you didn't answer when I called. Sounds like it all turned out fine though. You are awesome!


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