Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oooh this bandwagon is FUN

I've stayed strong for awhile now. Everywhere I go it's all I hear about... Pinterest! But I was strong. Honestly, the very last thing I need is one more thing to waste time on. I really love pretty things and the idea of perusing the entire world wide web pinning together beauty was wonderful but dangerous.

But alas, I caved. Will power is really not my spiritual gift. Plus I justified that it would be my birthday present to myself (one of them). So here I am. Go ahead Follow Me on Pinterest. Go on, show me your beautiful things. It's likely I'll never do laundry again so bring on the pins! I'm in desperate need of a billion new DIY ideas, more cupcake ideas than I'll ever have time to even consider attempting & enough room makeover ideas for a mansion (to decorate all 900 square feet of our rental house).

It is pretty awesome but I'm going to try and be a responsible pinner ok? I think it shall be my reward for grocery shopping. I can never seem to get to the grocery store. Seriously, pray for me. I hate grocery shopping. I need to grow up and get over that. My husband definitely loves dinner way more than clever idea boards and gorgeous party inspirations.

In other news I bought myself one more birthday present yesterday.

I realize it's backwards from the fancy mirror shot, but you read it right.

There it is. CRAFT PIMP. Amazing. I love this shirt.


It's thrifted from The Buffalo Exchange... who wouldn't buy my clothes back! I'm sorry your "customers actually prefer jeans and t-shirts". I actually do too. Why do you think I'm trying to sell you my blazers and dress pants? Anyway, this is perfect. Now instead of doing laundry I will just wear this shirt every single day while I'm on a pinning spree. Kidding! I think.

Oh and don't forget to enter the birthday giveaway before it's too late! Do it if you're cool.


  1. Ok, that shirt cracks me up!
    Oh man, I caved recently and joined pinterest too. It is dangerous, but I am having so much fun and honestly, it helps me feel really organized about all my party and craft ideas and such. Happy pinning!

  2. Cute shirt. And I love your writing style, I was laughing (well smiling) the whole time I was reading this post!

  3. Hi miss Ashley!
    Love this post!
    And your t-shirt is fabulous!
    I'm a little addicted to pinterest too.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    Shelly xo

  4. Pinterest is so addicting I can barely function somedays. My husband is all, "Hey- are you going to feed me and the kids?" and I'm all, "No asshole- I'm pinning. Kind of busy." It's shameful.

  5. Pinterest is an addiction. Watch out! Ps. Love the blog. Gotta follow a fellow Ashley :)


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