Thursday, August 11, 2011


This post is a bit late, but that's never stopped me before :) When my sweet mama was here in June she took care of my poor nekked windows. She had time to do that because she was supposed to be helping me with a newborn... but as you know the child took. her. time.
Anyway, we waddled (well, I waddled) through Denver Fabrics and perused all of the lovely textiles searching for a yellow chevron pattern. Yep, that's right I wanted sunshiney zig zag curtains in the dining room. I don't exactly have grown up taste when it comes to home decor. I'm fine with it.

This is what we found. No chevron but isn't it fabulous!? I really wish my photography skills could do them more justice because they are really awesome. They brighten the room a lot and make the little window nook really lovely. Especially when you consider the "before" look. Luckily, you can't even tell from this far away just how sick nasty those blinds are.

We also got fun new curtains in our bedroom and moved the long white ones to the living room. I'll work on taking better pictures and post about all of that someday. For now here's a sneak peek at the curtains with a sweet little babe snuck in :)

Thank you thank you Gigi (cool grandma name huh?). We LOVE the curtains... and we love that the neighbors don't know us quite so well anymore!

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  1. Love them! And love the little pink bundle our your bed.


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