Friday, August 26, 2011

Field Trip Fridays

Yesterday I was on an organization mission. You might think that means my house/ life got super organized yesterday. Nope, not exactly. It means that when Hunter came home I started blabbing his head off about my organization plans. I also haven't napped with Lil all week and my current excessive creative state has been keeping me up at night... So there's my excuse. Basically, as we ate our bag salad kit from a shared plate (no dishwasher in this house) and drank wine straight from the bottle (so serious- the bottle was more than half empty anyway and again with the dishwasher :) I gave him the run down on my new game plan for becoming the world's best mom & wife. Ready for it?

Meal plan Mondays: Cut coups & plan the week's menu
Target Tuesday: Grocery shopping
Wednesday Work day: Do the admin side of the Sugar Mama biz
I can't even remember what brilliant alliteration I came up with for Thursday.
Field Trip Fridays: Go somewhere fun!

I know. I've figured it out right!? Go ahead and steal it if you want :) We enjoyed a good laugh, but the whole point in sharing is that I really do love the Field Trip Friday idea! I'm going for it. This week it will probably just be lunch with Hunter, but I'm counting it because it's #1 out of the house and #2 fun! (Grocery store doesn't count as a field trip.) I really want to make it one of those link up games, but I have to figure out how to host those... So look for it next week!

Since I don't have any fun field trip pictures to share this week, these pictures are from some of our past adventures: headed to Mexico for our honeymoon, Pike Place market & a picnic in a park by our apartment. What's your favorite field trip? Want to go somewhere fun with me next Friday!?


  1. such a totally fun idea!

    and i just noticed the books in your header. the giver is one of my most favorite books. i read it almost every year(since i was 13!)

  2. I know. It's such an awesome story! I can't wait for Friday so I can start hearing about everyone's adventures :)


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