Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Date night

We did it! We left Lily with Grandpa Gary & Mor Mor for 3 whole hours :) So what exciting adventure did we go on with our first babyless outing in 6 weeks?

Harry Potter of course! haha What a couple of dorks. Don't judge.

Unfortunately these are the best pictures we could come up with for anniversary #3. Oh you think it looks like I've been crying my makeup off all the way to the movie theater? Whatever. I just had something in my eye...

Lil is a champ and I knew she wouldn't mind me being gone. I think that was the problem. She didn't really mind. Next time tell me she was miserable without me, k grandma & grandpa?

In all seriousness it was awesome to have Hunter all to myself! I really like that boy. It was also awesome to watch Harry defeat Voldemort.

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