Thursday, August 18, 2011

The dresser

The dresser is now officially an earth and budget friendly entertainment center!

A couple things:
#1 Yes, those are Guitar Hero guitars in the back corner. We Greenos LOVE Guitar Hero! Who's with us?!
#2 Do not be jealous of our sweet TV. It's sinful for you to covet my niiiiiiiice things.

You already know that the $10 treasure of a dresser started out in a nice shiny shade of Pepto-complete with a huge spot on the top, brass pulls and a loose baseboard. SO much potential!

I ran to Home Depot and bought myself a sander. It was only $30 and let's face it, this won't be the last piece of furniture I feel compelled to rescue (sorry Hunter).

Unfortunately, there were like 47 layers of old paint on this thing and the top layer just happened to be weird and rubbery. When the sander couldn't handle it, I went for the butter knife. Makes sense right? ha! Let's just say that the original plan to sand down to the wood and refinish this beauty got thrown out the window.

No worries! I just roughed the whole thing up a little with the sander. Painted it a lovely shade of Tropical Waters (Behr) and added a top coat of watered down brown acrylic paint ($0.27 on clearance) to make it look a little "weathered". I'm certain Hunter would have preferred a nice refinished wood tone to the turquoise but he did admit that it's cooler than he thought it would be :)

I even added a little pizazz to the drawers & painted the handles with brushed nickel spray paint. Now I just have to bust out the drill and make some holes in the back for that mess of cords.

I realize that a turquoise dresser as an entertainment center isn't for everyone... but it's definitely for me! It adds some much needed color to our grey living room. It's recycled and "green" which I'm always a fan of. It was only a whopping total of $14 which is fabulous! Best of all there is tons of storage space so I don't have a huge pile of dvds, cords, speakers, playstation etc. I'll call it a SUCCESS!

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